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Solving Western Kentucky’s heating, cooling, & indoor air quality problems since 1991.

Throughout West Louisville’s dozens of vibrant neighborhoods, life and business are truly thriving. Between eating and drinking to your heart’s content and exploring the many cultural hotspots the area has to offer, you hardly have time to worry about a malfunctioning AC or heating system. But whenever the unexpected happens, you deserve a swift response and an expert hand to get temperatures back to normal and life back on track.

At Comfort Design Heating & Air Conditioning, we’ve been helping the people of West Louisville restore comfort for over three decades. From fixing AC breakdowns to performing high-quality heat pump installations, we’ll do whatever it takes to protect your home from Western Kentucky’s hot summers and biting winters. With honest, upfront pricing, affordable HVAC Protection Plans, and available financing options, we make it easy to invest in your comfort!

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Don’t let a broken AC or an old furnace keep you from enjoying everything life has to offer in West Louisville. Contact our team for fast and reliable service year-round!

What Causes an Air Conditioner to Freeze Up?

It may seem odd for an AC to freeze in the middle of a heat wave, but it does happen. Many issues can cause AC freezing, including mechanical failures, low refrigerant levels, dirty coils, and clogged drain lines. If you suspect a freeze, turn off your air conditioner and turn your thermostat fan on, which may defrost the system. In the meantime, try changing your air filters and give our team a call to investigate the source of the issue. Many of the root causes can be identified or prevented altogether during annual spring AC maintenance. To save big on yearly maintenance and AC repairs in West Louisville, consider joining our HVAC Protection Plan!
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How Does a Heat Pump Work?

Heat pumps combine heating and cooling into one unit. They work by transferring heat between your home and the outdoor environment instead of using electricity or gas to forcibly make cold air hot or vice versa. In the summer, they move hot air from your house and push it outside. In the winter, they’re capable of extracting heat from even the coldest air and moving it indoors to keep you toasty. Because they’re up to five times more energy efficient than traditional ACs and furnaces, the Inflation Reduction Act is rewarding homeowners for making the switch. Learn how you could save up to $2,000 when you call our team to explore your options!

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