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Heating Services

Furnace Repair, Heater Installation, & Heat Pump Maintenance in Owensboro, KY

Get warm & stay that way with expert heating services throughout Western Kentucky.

In homes and businesses throughout Western Kentucky, progress depends on repeatability. When your property is safe, comfortable, and cool—even on the hottest days—you can count on a dependable experience and personal growth. But with life spans ranging from 10-15 years, our air conditioners may have other plans. Frequent AC maintenance services can extend your equipment and lower utility bills, but keeping up with yearly inspections can be a chore in its own right. To increase outcomes and maximize comfort, you need a local HVAC company in Owensboro that you can trust. This is precisely where Comfort Design Heating & Air Conditioning comes in.

Since 1991, we’ve delivered value-added, cost-effective air conditioning solutions for residential and commercial properties in Western Kentucky. After three decades of straight dealing and expert AC repairs, we know what it takes to get you and your property back on track. Trust our expert financing backed by Wells Fargo, our expertise with leading brands (like Carrier, Trane, and more), and our wide service area throughout Daviess County and surrounding communities. For AC repair, AC replacement, and new AC installation, call your local pros!

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We’ve seen a lot of Kentucky winters since opening our doors in 1991. Three decades later and we’re still serving homes and businesses with honesty, integrity, and care. Contact us today!

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Don’t Wait Until Fall For Furnace & Heat Pump Maintenance

Every autumn, the heating maintenance rush begins. Home and business owners make a mad dash to schedule service with their local HVAC companies. But if you’re less than proactive with your furnace maintenance, you may get beat to the punch. Now, you can fix this problem for good by joining the Comfort Design Protection Plan. For just one small fee per unit per year, you’ll get an annual heater inspection, complete with new filters, replacement parts, and even a thermostat calibration. Join now and skip the bottleneck before winter!

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Top Signs Your Furnace Needs Attention in Owensboro, KY

Heat pumps and furnaces can’t last forever. Most heating systems have a lifespan of 10-15 years. And while some systems can and do last longer than that, there is a price to pay. Older, ailing, or poorly maintained furnaces and heat pumps underperform and drive utility bills sky-high. But they can also pose a serious danger to your family and employees. Keep an eye, ear, and nose out for the following signs that it’s time to schedule heating service.

  • LUKEWARM AIR: It’s hard to heat a 2,000+ sq. ft. home, but even aging furnaces and heat pumps should produce warm or hot air. If you’re feeling anything less than hot air from your vents when your furnace cycles on, you could benefit from service sooner rather than later.
  • DIRTY VENTS & SNEEZING: Our HVAC systems do more than treat our air—they also keep air circulating. That said, aging systems are more likely to recirculate pet dander, dead skin, dust mites, mold spores, and more. If you find yourself suffering from irritated eyes or an itchy throat whenever your furnace kicks on, you may have a problem.
  • HIGHER HEATING BILLS: Over time, even the best equipment loses its edge. After a decade or more of service, your heater may be struggling. This natural loss of efficiency will lead to gradually rising costs, but if you’ve noticed a sudden spike, it’s time to call the pros.
  • DISCOLORED PILOT LIGHTS: Furnace pilot lights should only ever burn blue. If you notice a green or yellow pilot light, you have an emergency situation and should leave the property immediately. When you’re safe, call your local heating company for safety and security.

Why Comfort Design For Heating Service?

Deep Experience

After 30 years (and counting) of exceptional service throughout Western Kentucky, we know what it takes to get your life and business back on track ASAP.

Experts in Leading Brands

If it burns or blows, we can fix it! We’re experts in today’s leading brands, including Carrier, Trane, York, Mitsubishi, Payne, Rheem, Ameristar, & more!

Serving Western Kentucky

From our base in Owensboro, we’re able to serve homes & businesses in Daviess, McLean, Hancock, Calhoun, & Ohio counties.

Affordable Service

You shouldn’t have to choose between replacing your AC or affording something else. Our excellent financing options make repairs & replacements easier.

Happy Customers Throughout Kentucky

Schedule Heater Service Today & Stay Toasty, Kentucky!

When winter hits, you’ll find out quickly if your aging heater is up to the task. Before that, consider scheduling furnace repair, heat pump installation, or heater maintenance services! Kentucky winters are as brutal as they get up north, but they’re far from comfortable without the right heating solution for your residential or commercial property. Get warm and stay that way by trusting the expert HVAC technicians at Comfort Design today!