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Inflation Reduction Act Savings
Save up to $2,000 today by Calling us

Significant Tax Rebates for Upgrading Your AC or Heating in Owensboro, KY

Get paid to upgrade to energy-efficient HVAC equipment for a limited time!
Furnace Installation

Western Kentucky-area homeowners can enjoy 30% off the total project cost or $600 back in tax credits just by switching. Tax credits apply to both oil and natural gas furnaces.

Energy-Efficient Heat
Pump Installation

Capable of heating and cooling your home, heat pumps save you money and you can get up to $2,000 back in tax credits just by upgrading.

Air Conditioning Systems

Save 30% off the total project cost (up to $600) just by purchasing and installing a better, stronger, smarter AC system today.

As property owners, we may fantasize about replacing our washer and dryer or dream of the day when we kick our old fridge to the curb. But few of us look forward to replacing our air conditioning or heating. HVAC equipment is expensive, and replacing or installing it can cost us time and money we don’t care to spend. That said, it’s not always possible to kick the can down the road on HVAC equipment. Sometimes, an aging furnace or 20-year-old AC system forces our hands. Surprisingly, if you’re in the market for a smart HVAC upgrade, there’s never been a better time than right now.

Thanks to the Inflation Reduction Act of 2022, homeowners can offset the cost of energy-efficient upgrades with substantial tax credits from the US government. Shave as much as 30% off the total cost of your project while taking a bite out of your tax burden for the calendar year. Available to traditional homes, manufactured houses, and even some vacation properties, these tax credits won’t be around forever. Make the most of the moment by speaking with an expert HVAC technician at Comfort Design Heating & Air Conditioning today! Call (270) 255-9974 to explore your options.

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Unsure About How For Federal Tax Credits Work? Let Us Help.

We know this legislation may potentially be difficult to discern if you are eligible so please call us today for help and our team will be happy to help you through the process.

Comfort Design Makes The Process Easy

Take advantage of the Inflation Reduction Act HVAC rebates and start saving money on your heating and cooling costs! Here’s a quick way to help you get started:

Do Your Due Diligence

Start by reviewing potential energy-efficient HVAC systems and carriers that meet federal and state regulations. Be sure to search for systems with high energy efficiency ratings.

Get a Quote

We recommend giving us a call to talk through these details and our team at Comfort Design can help by providing you with a quote for the cost of the system installation.

Installation by Certified Professionals

It’s required and at Comfort Design, we make sure all of our technicians are certified HVAC professionals in Western Kentucky that can assess your home and install the most appropriate system for your home’s needs.

Claim Your Rebate(s)

After we install your new system, be sure to follow the rebate application process for the Inflation Reduction Act federal and state programs. File all of your receipts and documentation so that you have that information ready.

Enjoy Your New HVAC System

Now that you have your new energy-efficient HVAC system installed, you can enjoy a more comfortable environment in your home and continue to save on future energy bills.

How Energy-Efficient HVAC Systems Save Money

When it comes to modern HVAC equipment, “energy efficient” is more than just a buzzword—it’s a promise. But smart equipment commands high prices. Now, homeowners can save on the cost of purchase and installation first before saving month after month on utility bills and headaches. Set your property up for the long term by finding the right energy-efficient system to do the job. Once you do, you can expect to save in numerous ways, including:

  • Lower monthly bills
  • Smart technology to monitor/control usage
  • Top-line performance & comfort
  • Long-lasting systems go the distance
  • Increases your property value for the next two decades
  • Cuts into your tax burden with lucrative incentives
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Happy Customers Throughout Kentucky

For a Future of Comfort & Cost-Savings, Upgrade Today!

It’s not every day that the US government offers to help pay for HVAC upgrades. Accordingly, the Inflation Reduction Act tax credits won’t last forever. If you’re stuck with an aging heating or cooling system and looking to upgrade for cheap, let an expert HVAC tech at Comfort Design pair your property with the right equipment today. Let’s talk about your project and how much you stand to save when you choose your local pros—Comfort Design in Owensboro, KY!