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AC Installation

Kentucky’s Choice for AC Installation in Owensboro

Trust us to install an AC system the right way in your new or existing property.

With a lifespan ranging 10-15 years or more, your air conditioner is engineered for the long haul. It’s not often that home or business owners find themselves needing expert AC installation services. But AC systems can and do fail for good. And new construction will always need an experienced local HVAC company to get an AC system installed on the proper footing. That said, not every HVAC company has the training, tools, and expertise to install AC equipment while maximizing its functional lifespan. For that kind of service, you need Comfort Design Heating & Air Conditioning.

Since 1991, we’ve paired properties throughout Western Kentucky with the perfect equipment for their needs. Beyond that, we take exceptional care and the utmost consideration when installing new AC systems in existing properties and new construction. When you trust your local pros with your AC installation project, you’re leveraging decades of industry excellence and setting yourself and your property up for long-term success. So if you’re ready to start your relationship with a new AC system, call your local pros at (270) 255-9974 today!

Get Your New AC Installed Correctly The First Time Around.

The challenges and pitfalls of installing air conditioners in new and existing construction cannot be overstated. Set your property and your comfort up correctly by giving us a call today!

The Benefits of Upgrading Your Air Conditioning System

As property owners and operators, we tend to focus on the negative. We think about the expense, the inconvenience, and little else. But there are dozens of silver linings to AC installation—many of which actually reverse or counteract the negative aspects we fixate on.

Here are just a few of the best and brightest advantages to upgrading or installing a shiny new AC system.

  • Immediate savings on utility bills
  • Enhanced comfort and performance
  • Long-term reliability and durability
  • Better, healthier indoor air quality
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Why Comfort Design For AC Installation in Owensboro?

Deep Experience

After 30 years (and counting) of exceptional service throughout Western Kentucky, we know what it takes to get your life and business back on track ASAP.

Experts in Leading Brands

If it burns or blows, we can fix it! We’re experts in today’s leading brands, including Carrier, Trane, York, Mitsubishi, Payne, Rheem, Ameristar, & more!

Serving Western Kentucky

From our base in Owensboro, we’re able to serve homes & businesses in Daviess, McLean, Hancock, Calhoun, & Ohio counties.

Affordable Service

You shouldn’t have to choose between replacing your AC or affording something else. Our excellent financing options make repairs & replacements easier.

What Are The Signs That It’s Time to Replace Your AC?

All property owners hope to maximize the lifespan of their current AC unit. But hope alone can’t resuscitate aging or ailing equipment. And sometimes, we may ignore obvious warning signs that it’s time to take action. Kicking the can down the road any longer could result in expensive emergency repairs or a last-minute AC replacement.

Keep an eye out for these common signs it’s time to replace your AC system:

  • AGE: On average, we can expect our AC units to last for 10-15 years. Yes, they can and do last longer sometimes, but at a literal and figurative cost. Aging systems are also less efficient, driving up utility bills while requiring more maintenance on average. Before a complete breakdown forces your hand, consider contacting your local pros.
  • PERFORMANCE: The right AC system for your property shouldn’t struggle to cool things down. The only excuses for a noticeable dip in performance are having the wrong AC system for your property to begin with or keeping an AC system long past its functional life. If you’ve noticed lukewarm air, it’s time to upgrade and install a new AC.
  • COST & FREQUENCY OF REPAIRS: It’s not cheap to keep an old AC system on life support. Before long, the combined cost of AC repairs and utility bills will dwarf the cost of AC replacement and installation. The sooner you act, the sooner you save.
  • ENERGY EFFICIENCY: As property owners, we know our bills better than we know our HVAC equipment. But your utility bills can tell you when an AC system is on its last leg. If you’ve noticed unusual spikes in your power bills, a derelict AC unit could be to blame. Let’s get you a new, energy-efficient system before those costs climb even higher.

Happy Customers Throughout Kentucky

Find & Install Your New AC System The Right Way. Call Today!

Every property owner has different preferences, but most of us agree that a building without functional air conditioning isn’t fit for purpose. At home, rising thermometers and underperforming AC units threaten your comfort, your relaxation, and your daily operation. At your office or industrial site, peaking temperatures mean a miserable workforce or even code violations and work stoppages. Regardless of where your current AC may be, Comfort Design Heating & Air Conditioning can get you back on track.

With 30+ years of industry experience under our belts, we’ve become Western Kentucky’s go-to HVAC company for all things AC installation. For a limited time, the U.S. government will even pay you to upgrade your aging equipment. Learn more about the tax credits on offer from the Inflation Reduction Act and call Comfort Design to strike while the iron is hot!