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Air Duct Cleaning

Improve Indoor Air Quality with Air Duct Cleaning in Owensboro, KY

Don’t go on breathing & rebreathing the same pathogens & irritants. Break free today!

Inside our homes and businesses, we feel safe, protected, and sheltered from the elements. But despite the sense of comfort we feel indoors, the outdoors always finds a way inside. On the soles of your shoes, on your clothes, or on a breeze through an open window and door, numerous harmful pathogens find their way in. Once here, these pollutants can even gather in your ductwork, where they’re picked up by the treated air from your HVAC system. For sensitive groups (those with allergies/asthma) and healthy adults alike, there’s a limit to how much pet dander, dead mites, skin, dust, and spores you can comfortably breathe.

Since 1991, Comfort Design Heating & Air Conditioning has improved indoor air quality for home and business owners alike throughout Western Kentucky. Widely accepted industry guidance encourages air duct cleaning services every three to five years. This simple process immediately improves the quality of the air you breathe, but it can also have a knock-on effect that lowers bills, increases system lifespan, and so much more. Get your ducts cleaned today and breathe easier tomorrow by calling Comfort Design at (270) 255-9974!

Rehab Your Indoor Air. Call Comfort Design Today!

The best plug-in air filters and the highest quality HEPA filters can only do so much. Hit the reset button on your indoor air quality by trusting Comfort Design for your air duct cleaning needs!

Signs You Need Air Duct Cleaning in Owensboro, KY

The best defense against dusty, dander-packed, sneeze-inducing air is an air duct cleaning service every three to five years. But if you’ve recently moved, can’t remember if you’ve ever cleaned your ducts, or have noticed more allergy/asthma symptoms lately, you could be a prime candidate for better indoor air. Keep an eye and nose out for these common signs that it’s time for air duct cleaning.

  • LOW AIR FLOW: If you feel only a weak breeze from your vents, your air ducts could be to blame. Over time, thick dust and other irritants build up inside your ductwork, choking the flow of treated air into your rooms.
  • HIGHER BILLS: Dirty ductwork is nowhere near as efficient as clean, smooth-flowing ductwork. As a result, your HVAC system has to stay on longer to heat or cool your property. This quickly results in climbing energy costs.
  • MORE ALLERGY/ASTHMA SYMPTOMS: If you, your family, or your employees have experienced more allergy or asthma attacks (especially when your HVAC system cycles on) you probably need air duct cleaning.
  • VISIBLE DUST/DANDER: Once inside your home, dust, dander, and spores are circulated and recirculated by your HVAC system. If you’ve noticed more dust and pet dander on surfaces or even clogging up vents, you’re past due for your duct cleaning.
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Why Comfort Design For Air Duct Cleaning in Owensboro?

Deep Experience

After 30 years (and counting) of exceptional service throughout Western Kentucky, we know what it takes to get your life and business back on track ASAP.

Experts in Leading Brands

If it burns or blows, we can fix it! We’re experts in today’s leading brands, including Carrier, Trane, York, Mitsubishi, Payne, Rheem, Ameristar, & more!

Serving Western Kentucky

From our base in Owensboro, we’re able to serve homes & businesses in Daviess, McLean, Hancock, Calhoun, & Ohio counties.

Affordable Service

You shouldn’t have to choose between replacing your AC or affording something else. Our excellent financing options make repairs & replacements easier.

Common Irritants & Pathogens In Your Ductwork

As a home or business owner, you may expect a certain amount of grime in your ductwork. But you may not expect the full range of harmful bacteria and pathogens that can enter your air ducts and circulate throughout your property. At Comfort Design, we’ve seen the grit and gunk up close. We know how unhealthy and disturbing it can be to think about particles in the air you breathe each and every day.

If you haven’t scheduled an air duct cleaning in the last 3-5 years, you may be breathing:

  • Bacteria
  • Mold spores
  • Fungus
  • Pet dander
  • Pollen
  • Dust
  • Dust mites
  • Pests
  • And more!

Happy Customers Throughout Kentucky

Breathe Better Air Today. Call Comfort Design Heating & Air Conditioning!

If you’ve ever spent time in an abandoned building, cave, or poorly ventilated home, you know how stale and unpleasant air can be. But without frequent air duct cleaning, the air in your home or business can easily meet or exceed the levels of harmful pathogens and pollutants found in the worst environments. Don’t go on breathing bad air. Take action today!

For the last 30+ years (and counting), Comfort Design Heating & Air Conditioning has helped Western Kentucky breathe easier. For fewer hay fever attacks, asthma symptoms, and headaches each year, consider having your air ducts cleaned by Owensboro’s best HVAC company! Contact us today.