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benefits of hvac maintenance

5 Benefits of HVAC Maintenance in Owensboro

You know HVAC system maintenance is important. It's the secret to keeping your home comfortable all year round, ensuring your air conditioner blasts cool air on sweltering days and your furnace reliably warms you up on winter nights. But beyond…

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pros and cons of a whole house humidifier

Pros and Cons of a Whole House Humidifier

The pros and cons of a whole house humidifier are essential considerations for Owensboro, KY, residents looking to improve their indoor air quality. Such a system can drastically alter the comfort and healthfulness of your living environment, but it's not…

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Benefits of Smart Thermostats for Owensboro Homeowners

With the potential for convenience, energy savings, and enhanced control, the benefits of smart thermostats are turning heads. But are these devices a worthwhile investment or just another hyped-up trend? They're the talk of the tech world, promising a new…

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Cracking the Code: Why Your House Feels Humid

Your house feels humid due to several factors, from faulty appliances to inadequate ventilation. We'll dive into the common causes and help you identify the source of the problem. As winter blankets the surroundings with its chill, humidity becomes a…

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HVAC technician inspecting an air conditioning unit outside in Owensboro, KY.

Air Conditioning – The Basics

Did You Know? Since the dawn of mankind, people have been using some form of air conditioning to cool their homes. The first popularized technique was known as “evaporative cooling,” where water, ice, or snow is left out to evaporate,…

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